About Us

Drs. Janna Beckerman and Cliff Sadof are two extension specialists at Purdue University that specialize in the pest management of landscape trees and ornamentals. After two years of development, we released The Purdue Tree Doctor, a new smart phone app that will help users diagnose and find recommendations to manage over 175 tree problems on over 60 kinds of trees common to the Midwest and Northeast United States. This app provides you with our best photos to help with diagnosis, and recommendations to help you manage your or your clients' trees.

As extension specialists, our mission is to research pest management options and extend that information to arborists, landscapers, nursery and greenhouse managers.

Check out our faculty pages to learn about our research and teaching:
Janna Beckerman
Cliff Sadof

These apps would not be possible were it not for the database development and programming by the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems (CERIS). CERIS is a center within the Entomology Department at Purdue University. It is home to a collection of databases of information on pesticides, plant export/import requirements, and exotic pest tracking.


Graduate students Adam Witte and Scott Koenig worked on the development of the Purdue Plant Doctor app.