Macrophoma Leaf Spot

Dothiorella candollei, Macrophoma spp.

Key Features

  • Pinkish -straw colored leaves
  • Symptomatic leaves attached to stem
  • Black pustules on dead leaves
Pink spores oozing from black pustules from straw colored leaves


Macrophoma causes leaf spots, and result in pinkish- straw colored leaves. Leaves remain attached to the plant, but develop numerous black pustules.


This pathogen invades leaves damaged by cold, wind or bad pruning practices, and spreads from there.

Management Recommendations

Prune out the affected portion of the plant, and protect boxwood against stress. Because the primary problem is stress or damage, no fungicides are effective or labeled at this time, and preventing winter injury is the best way to manage this disease.

Effective Pesticides

Pesticides are neither available nor recommended for managing this disease.

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