Volutella Blight

Volutella spp.

Key Features

  • Leaf spots: concentric rings
  • Sunken, blackened stem spots
  • Pink spore masses on dead stem
Volutella leaf spots
Volutella blight on Pachysandra (note concentric rings).
Volutella stem canker


Symptoms of Volutella blight begin as small, dead leaf and stem spots. Leaf spots expand and may kill the entire leaf. Concentric rings can be seen within the leaf spots. Stem spots develop into blackened, sunken, girdling (fully encircling the stem) cankers. Small clumps of white to pink spores develop on canker surfaces when stems are damp or humidity is high.


Volutella survives on infected stems and fallen plant debris, which are difficult to see and remove due to the dense canopies of boxwood and pachysandra. Spores are splashed to leaves by rain or irrigation water.

Management Recommendations

Remove infected branches (or plants if disease is severe) and all plant debris. Decrease plant stresses due to environment, insect feeding and pathogens, and mechanical injury. Use drip irrigation where possible to reduce leaf wetness. Plant boxwoods and pachysandra in locations that receive adequate sunlight throughout the day.

Effective Pesticides

Active Ingredients include: Chlorothalonil, Copper salts


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